Ontario Immigration Lawyer in the GTA

Navigating the immigration laws can be a daunting process, especially in today's world. Immigrants face increased scrutiny from the government and other institutions, like banks.

Conducting business, earning a living, traveling, enjoying the safety and comfort of home and family—all are more difficult for foreign nationals living in Canada. Because of this, hiring an immigration lawyer in the GTA to represent your interests can be extremely valuable.

Sunny Vincent Law Office can represent you in any immigration matter, including, but not limited to:

  • Transferring a business
  • Inter-company transfers
  • Obtaining the necessary documentation to open up bank accounts
  • Filing the necessary documentation with local, state and federal tax authorities
  • Sponsoring a family member for a Canadian entry visa
  • Defending deportation and removal proceedings
  • Immigration appeals – investor class, permanent residents, entrepreneur class
  • Refugee cases and appealing refugee cases to the federal court
  • Skilled worker applications/express entries under the federal skilled worker classification
  • Business immigrations, including self-employed persons, investor and entrepreneurs
  • Provincial nominees
  • Spousal applications
  • Family sponsorship
  • Student visa applications
  • Super visa applications
  • Grandparent visa applications
  • Temporary work permits

If your situation warrants the assistance of an immigration lawyer, contact Sunny Vincent Law Office today.
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